Monday, July 29, 2013

July 29th 2013

Hello fellow friends :] This week was good, my ankle is getting a bit better, it doesn't hurt as bad anymore so that's great!! This week could be an interesting one. My last area (belfair) lost their car because a drunkard hit it in the middle of the night, so we are lending our car to them for a little bit. We will be on bike for probably about a week. I'm actually pretty excited, only slightly nervous of how it's going to go with a skirt on. But, sisters all around the world are doing it, it can't be that bad. :] This week in silverdale they had their annual "whaling days" it's a big parade and festival type thing. We had planned to help a less active lady set up her booth on Saturday morning but she called us an hour before she told us to be there and said she was done so we didn't get to help... We didn't have any set appointments for the day because everyone and their dog was at this fair thingy, so we decided we needed to make our faces known there but we needed a good reason to go. We wrote our phone number/church time and address on about 200 cards and taped them to water bottles. We hauled in a HUGE cooler of water and just started passing out free ice cold water. :] everyone loved it, they said it was so thoughtful of us and really appreciated that we weren't trying to charge ridiculous amounts for just a bottle of water. The coolest part was watching all these people walk around with water bottles that say "I'm a Mormon" pretty fun for us. Haha. Then we got to go to our ward party, it was a luau on Bainbridge island. The turn out was great, we had a good armful of nonmembers there and it was just a really good time. :] So that's pretty much it for this week folks. Have a good one. Love you lots! Love, Sister Falkner :]

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