Monday, July 1, 2013

July 1st 2013

So last week I gave you the gist on the people I am teaching and its changed already! So here is the update!
Laurie dropped us :( but she still wants to visit once in a while, she is looking into a different church and said if she doesn't really like it she will call us back, so we are waiting! ;]
Mike is doing awesome!!! He gave up coffee this week, so we gave up sugar to support him. He got a blessing for it and is doing really well. President Weaver came to one of our lessons with Mike and it went so well! President was able to answers some of Mike's questions that he has had for a while and he was at church in our ward for the first time Sunday (he had been going to a different ward before) we shared the article on personal prayer in the June ensign with him and he really liked it! When he started the lessons he didn't even believe in prayer, he is doing soo great!!! I love teaching him!!
Robin is a non member that feeds us every week and has a son out on a mission. She doesn't really have an interest in joining the church but that's because she doesn't know enough yet! She has some brain issues due to an aneurism she had last year, she loves learning though so we will keep teaching her! She is having us over for lunch on my birthday and asked me what kind of cake I wanted, I told her I was good with anything that included cream cheese frosting, so she suggested she buy me a cheesecake!!!! :] Mmm so that's what I will be getting for lunch for my birthday! She is so sweet!!
Jacob is doing great. We started teaching his sister as well and they are now both on date for July 13th We had to push is back a week because Bella (the little sister) wanted to be baptized with him and they needed a little more time to go through the lessons because they went out of town this last weekend. But they are awesome and Sarah (the mom) is active again and loves it!!
We got a new investigator this week! His name is Brian and he has been at church the last two weeks, he is 20 and home for the summer from college, he is really good friends with an awesome family in the ward (the Olsen's) he has read the first 15 chapters of the Book of Mormon and says it has the same feeling as the Bible. He agrees with everything we are teaching him and really likes it! He is super solid! :]
Ashley is still doing great, she took us out for lunch and she brings her own fellowship to the lessons now! Haha its so easy for us! I hope her parents soften up soon and let her be baptized! That's about it. For the people we are teaching! This ward is so great, they help us out a ton and feed us well!
My companion and I have been sick this week, its really hard. She was sick earlier on in the week and right when she was getting over it, I got it. So I am sick.. its no fun! But we went to Sister Griffith's yesterday morning and she gave us all the goods to get us better. She is my favorite, she is so good to the missionaries! She was in Utah this last week and we missed her homemade bread in sacrament meeting, and her! But she is back now!! :] Last night my companion gave me a pedicure, she went to cosmetology school and said that pedicures are her favorite, so I couldn't reject when she offered to give me one! It was so nice!! :]
That's about all! I love you tons! Have a fabulous 4th of July!!! :]

Love, Sister Falkner

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