Monday, February 10, 2014

Sequim, a retirement town: February 10th 2014

February 10th 2014 Good morning everyone! This week is pretty good, I really like it here in Sequim. It’s definitely an old person kind of a town, but I like it! Most people come here to retire! I'd say minus the little kiddos (which there are like 7) the average age of the ward is 70.. hah but I like it, they are all so sweet and generally home all day so they are able to help us out a lot!! My new companion is Sister Stokes, she is great! She has been out for about 10 months and is 25, so it’s nice! I really like being transferred, I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not, but I really enjoy it! Before i came on my mission i was pretty terrible at saying goodbye but I’ve gotten pretty good at it recently! One of my favorite things about the church is that no matter where you go, or who is there, the teachings are the same and it always feels like home! I love that so much, it makes being transferred so much easier to handle! This week we found a new investigator, her name is Debbie! She is so sweet! We knocked into her, taught her a little lesson and set up and appointment for the next day, the next day we went back and taught her the restoration and she took it really well! She wants to come to church with us sometime. Hopefully that means soon!!! :] she even made us lemon bars for our visit! It’s like she knew that was a way to my heart!! Mmmm! well, all is well here, I hope all is well for each of you! I love you dearly! Oh and by the way, I gave the wrong zip code last week so my address is really 435 W Cedar St. #4 Sequim WA 98382 feel free to write me ;]
All my love,
Sister Falkner!

Photo 1. Sister Stokes and I

Happy Valentines Day this week! My favorite scripture about love is this... John 3 :16
For God so loVed the world that he
                    gAve His
                     That whosoever believeth
                     In Him should
                     Not Perish, but have
                     Everlasting Life