Monday, March 17, 2014

Can I have one of those books?- Monday, March 17th 2014

Hello everyone! Happy St Patrick’s Day!!! :]

This week was wonderful for so many reasons! The sun is shining and on Wednesday we got to go out and do our nightly tracting without a coat for the first time this season!! Yay!!! :]

So, this week we had a lesson with a lovely lady named Julie. I believe I told you a little bit about Julie previously, she was drunk when we knocked on her door and she thought we were 7th Day Adventists and we had to break the news to here that we were not.. Anywho, Mormon or not, she wanted us to come back because she is "searching" so this week we went back and we took Sister Lorenzen. (She is always just a fabulous fellowship) The lesson went so well, we taught her all about the Restoration, the Priesthood and the Book of Mormon. I was explaining to her the importance and greatness of the Book of Mormon and she cut me off, looked at me and said "Can I have one of those books? I want to read that!!" Oh how my heart smiled! I love the Book of Mormon so much and it makes me so happy when people want it!! Julie asked questions about the Word of Wisdom and we told her that we teach 4 lessons and that was part of the 4th one, so that if she would continue to meet with us we could talk about it later, and she just lit up and said "Okay, when do we go on to level 2?" We are meeting with Julie again this Wednesday and we will be 'going on to level 2' I am really excited to be meeting with her again!

We had some funny experiences while tracting this week too, we wenton Friday night with Amy, a 16 yr. old from the ward, she is just really great and the greatest thing happened, and the weirdest! I’ll tell the greatest first! We met this guy R.C. he was out in front of an apt complex that we parked near so we started talking with him and telling him about the Book of Mormon and my goodness, it happened again!! "Can I have one of those books, I want to read that" People, the Book of Mormon is God's word! We are so lucky to have it!!!! :]

Now for the weirdest thing.... we met this guy, I don’t even know his name... but we knocked on his door and he said he wasn’t interested so we left, but as we were leaving he asked if we knew Brandon Flowers, and if we knew if he was really a member or not, we said we didn’t know anyone by that name and left. THEN!!!! We are a block away, still knocking and he followed us!!! He asked if he could take our picture to show to his friend Brandon that is the lead singer in the band the Killers. I said "that’s kind of creepy" hoping he would come to the realization of his request and back off... but he didn't and Sister Stokes, Bless her heart said "sure" so he took our picture and may or may not have posted it to this Brandon Flowers Facebook page... then he continued to follow us so we had to speed walk to a new tracting place!

Okay, I know... this is getting long... but one more thing!!!

This week we had stake conference! It was amazing!! We had Elder Baxter of the 70 come and speak to us. He is from Scotland and it was very funny! The Saturday session was great, he talked a lot about knowing the difference between the Lord telling us that we have a higher potential to reach and Satan telling us that we aren’t good enough, I thought it was really helpful to a lot of people, me included! The Sunday session was really interesting! Rebecca came and got a ride with Sister Clark. Sister Stokes and I were in the Choir so we sat up front but we could see Rebecca in the back with Sister Clark and her eyes were glued to Elder Baxter, and she was crying! Unfortunately she had to leave early to take care of her son but we will meet with her soon and see what she felt. (Other than the Spirit) An ironic thing that happened during the Sunday session, Elder Baxter left a blank in the program to ask people to come up and bear their testimony and it just so happened that one of the people he picked out of the congregation was a young man that was visiting our church for the first time! Ahhh, that would be scary! But he came up and spoke about his beliefs and it was really interesting!

Sorry, this is so long! I love you!

Oh and we had transfer calls this week, Sister Stokes and I are staying together in Sequim! Yay!

Love, Sister Falkner!