Wednesday, January 23, 2013

MTC Pictures

Alie with all the Sisters heading to Tacoma, WA
 Day two at the MTC with companion Sister Esplin
Official Missionary tag

Companions: Sister Falkner and Sister Esplin

Roomies after fire alarm

Sister Esplin and Sister Falkner ready for church

Every missionary needs one of these pictures

Temple Day: Sister Casey, Sister Stucki, Sister Hall, Sister Thomas, Sister Esplin, and Sister Falkner

Mission District at the Provo temple

Funny sign

January 23rd 2013 - These Fire Alarms...

Hello friends and family!!!!
Just so you all know, I am doing great and I am loving it here at the MTC, but I cant wait to get to Washington! It will be awesome!!!!! A big thanks to those that wrote me! I love getting stuff from the little kiddos, all of their drawings are so cute! Mom, I will have you know that the skirt you made me is a huge hit!! I can't wear it without getting some sort of conversation going about how adorable it is, so thanks mom!! You're the best!!
I'm basically really tired all the time, you never catch up on sleep here, I am hoping to get a nap today though, it is much needed. As usual we went to the temple this morning and it was really cold but super amazing, my heart is full from all the wonderful blessings my Heavenly Father gives me! :] I'm getting fat, they feed me soooo much here and then you people send me treats that are just to good to not eat and my roomie Sis. Casey gets home made goodies from her family in Hawaii at least once a day, today she got a chocolate pie! hahah
I am learning a ton here and doing lots of role playing (not my fave, but very helpful) Sunday we had a fireside with the new MTC presidency, did I tell you about that last time? Well, we got a new MTC presidency. Brother and Sister Nally, they seem like really sweet people and they will do great! The Sunday fireside was introducing them and having them talk to us for a while, it was a good one! He talked about serving the mission with no regrets, so that's the plan, well it already was... But I refuse to regret any part of the next 18 months of my life, it will be incredible.
Tuesday we had a devotional and David Evans from the 70 came and spoke to us about faith and miracles in missionary work. It was really powerful, I hope I can have enough faith to help those in need, I've got some work to do because God works by power and responds to faith, so basically.. Faith is a real life super power!!!! Pretty cool huh?
This week the dang fire alarm went off again!!!!! This time it was right when I got my lunch, so I had to set it down and go out into the cold, it was freeeeezing!!!! I wasn't too happy about that, they need to work on the system they got going on here.
Two elders in my gym time got all up in my face about my companion and I in volleyball, they are just poor sports and it was dumb because we don't even keep score or anything so they shouldn't be throwing fits... whatever, I am doing my very best to be Christ like and kind to them when I see them and one cracked a smile at me yesterday, so maybe its working. :] hah
It's pretty cool being in the Lords hands, I haven't really gotten sick yet and its freezing cold, I'm way surprised, but I keep taking my vitamins and holding up my end of the deal and God has kept me healthy and well, its pretty awesome!!!
Well I think that's just about all I have to say today.
Write me, letters are always fun to get :]
I get to Washington on Tuesday the 29th pretty early in the morning. so if you are sending mail to the MTC, don't send it after Saturday.
Thanks, Alie

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

January 16th 2013 - Week 1 in the MTC :]

Hello Friends and Family!!
This week has been a good one!! I enjoy the MTC, i really do. I feel like i have learned so much, it is the most spirtitually draining and uplifting week.
I ran into Sister Hulme, she is doing well and it was good to see her, i have seen one other person i know here and it was someone that was in my FHE group from BYU-I.
Some crazy info about the MTC is that we have 1700 missionaries right now and by the end of this summer there will be 6000 misisonaries in the MTC, that is soooo many people and i am kind of glad i will be out by then becuase i have no idea how they will manage that many teenagers!!! Ahhh!! It already feels crowded.
Our daily schedule is to wake up, study, eat, study, eat, study, eat, study, sleep. Its nice... haha it really is great. we have Zone teachings and class time in our studies and those are super helpful. My teachers are awesome they are Brother Hanks, and Brother Elton. Brother Elton looks exactly like Dad when he was younger, its crazy, But he is an incredible person and a great teacher, he has helped me so much!!!!
The food here is alright, if all else fails i eat cereal but i go for the cinnamon toast crunch, not the usual captain crunch. haha when we eat cereal for breakfast on sundays that one is always gone first.
We met our branch presidency on thursday, they are all really awesome.
I said Hello to Bro. and Sis. Hacking on Wednesday and they remember you mindy!! :] they asked me if i love jeeping as much as you and if i left a jeep behind! haha they also asked about Alivia and what not, i told them hello for you.
My companion is Sister Esplin, she is just the sweetest thing, we have a lot of fun together and we are getting along really well!! :] she played volleyball for snow college so that makes gym time a blast!! We have 3 mock investegators right now and are working on teaching them, so that is a good learning experience, even though i hate role playing. oh well..
Ian and Melissa, thank you for the mini PMG, it is the best!!!!! I havent even opened my big one yet.
Tuesday at 12:30am the fire alarm in our building went off, i was not happy about that. It is the most anger i have felt here, we had to run to the gym and stay in there until they got it to go off which was like an hour, so that was no fun, i am still tired. We had to wake up at 5 this morning to get to the temple and do the first session, it was really awesome!! :]
The highlight of my week for sure was Tuesday night devotional, Elder Holland came and spoke to us. Tuesday devotionals are always a general authority and it is like MORMON BLACK FRIDAY trying to get in there to get a good seat, pretty crazy!!! He is such an incredible man, he is so easy to listen to. They changed the MTC presidant and dedicated 3 new buildings for all the new missionaries coming in. He spoke to us about misisonary work obviously, it was amazing, maybe i will write more about that in a letter or next week though.
I am in the MTC until January 29th, so write me lots!! :]
mailbox #121 p.s. dear elder works too!!! ;]
I love you all and i hope i didnt forget to mention anything!
Love, Sister Alie Falkner (i like to use my first name whenever possible. i feel like it dont have one anymore...)

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The MTC Drop Off

Alie was scheduled to report to the Missionary Training Center on Wednesday, January 9th 2013 at 12:45 pm.  Her mom and dad took her to the MTC, but they met up with Alie's cousin, Natalie for lunch in Provo first.
Alie and her cousin, Natalie 


 Arriving at the MTC

Some See Ya Laters

Alie had a chance to say goodbye, for the next 18 months. Family gathered at her house the night before she left.
Alie, with her brother Ben's family. Alie, Sidnee (3), Fisher (11 months), Ben, Kim, Libby (8), and Teancum (5) 

Libby has looked up to her Aunt Alie from the day she was born.  Libby is looking forward to writing a lot of letters to Sister Falkner. 

Alie's brother, Ian and his wife, Melissa with Alie 

Teancum doing a tackle hug for his Aunt Alie 

Goodbye to her brother, Ben 

 Alie's sister-Mindy, mom-Sid, brother-Ian, and dad-Mark 

 Alie with her sister, Brittany and brother-in-law, Niel. Their four boys were at home in Ephraim.

Alie with her sister Mindy's family.  Alie, Alivia (10 months), Mindy, and Greg
En route to the MTC, Alie made a detour to say goodbye to her brother Sam and his family in Eagle Mountain.
Alie with Ammon (1 week) and Gracie (4)

Ammon and Lyndsey 

Alie, Gracie, Lyndsey, Ammon, and Alie's oldest brother, Sam.  Their two oldest girls were at school. 

Ammon's goodbye wave

Monday, January 14, 2013

Set Apart As A Missionary

Alie was set apart as a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints by her Stake President, President Mark C. Oviatt on Tuesday, January 8th.

Farewell Sacrament Meeting

Alie gave her farewell talk on Sunday December 30th.  She spoke about the Savior and being like Him. There were many family and friends there. Afterwards, there were refreshments at her home.
Josie, Penny, Sylvie and Alie

Josie and Alie, best friends

Alie and Zack

Alie and Jaron

Melissa, Ian and Alie
Alie and Jen 

Alie and Mike 

Alie's mom, Sid and Alie