Tuesday, May 28, 2013

May 28th 2013

Well, it’s been kind of an unpredictable week! After just six weeks in Belfair I guess my work here is done. I am being transferred to Silverdale 3rd ward which is currently an Elders area. I am going in with Sister Farnsworth and we are training together so we will pick up our greenie today in a few hours and head to our new area. It will be kind of hard because none of us will know where anything is, or who anyone is but since the ward has had elders for so long am sure they will just be thrilled to get sisters (most wards are) and take good care of us! Sister Farnsworth came out with me and is currently in my district, she is an awesome missionary. I am way excited to be serving and training with her! It will be a party (of missionary work)
Also, kind of big news… they announced a few months ago that there will be a new leadership role for sister missionaries. This role is what we call an STL (Sister Training Leader) and this transfer is the first transfer that there will be sisters in this leadership position. I got my transfer call on Saturday night from President Weaver (which is weird, because the mission president never makes transfer calls) and he had Sister Farnsworth and I both on the line and informed us that we would be the first STL’s. I am really excited to have this opportunity and I think it will be great, I know I will learn a lot because I will be serving around a lot of missionaries. As part of the role, I will be going on exchanges with the newer missionaries on a weekly basis and reporting back to the president on how they are doing. This all seems so crazy because I still feel like a new missionary but after today the mission will have (I think) 62 sister missionaries and only 6 of them will have been out longer than me! So we really have to step up and learn a lot faster than usual. But it will be really great! I am excited and looking forward to this next transfer and all the adventures that will come along with it :]
My new address is
Sister Alie Falkner
9855 Bushlac Ln. #G204
Silverdale WA 98383

Thank you all for your love and support! Have a great week!!! Love you!!
Love, Sister Alie Falkner

1. The Gig Harbor Zone (sister Farnsworth is the other tall one) haha

2. i was working with a less active in belfair and he made this table in his "garage" its soooo cool so i thought i would show it off for him! 

Monday, May 20, 2013

May 20th 2013

Hello to the 801
This week was a pretty great week! :] On Tuesday Krysta got married! Krysta had been investigating the church for 14 months now and she finally decided it was time and she committed herself to her husband and her Savior all in one week! The baptism was on Saturday, it went really well. She had her lifelong best friend who is a member speak at her baptism and her parents came down as well, other than that she didn’t really want any one there so it was very small and simple which was nice! Krysta is an awesome woman! She is in her 30’s and just has a whole ton of spunk to her which is always nice! :] she quit smoking and drinking coffee in 5 days, so that was an incredible tender mercy from the Lord. She is just really cool basically. Haha I don’t know what else to say about her other than she is on  fire and I can’t wait to see what she does for the church, her husband is an inactive (but supportive) member and I think she will get him back into it, which would be super awesome!
Then yesterday we had a mission fireside. We have over 100 missionaries and we just sing songs and testify of Christ. I got the chance to bear my testimony which was really cool but kind of nerve racking because LOTS of people show up to these things! It’s crazy!! But it was really just a great night. I felt the spirit bear witness to me and answer questions I have been asking for a while so that was great! There was this really cool guy sitting in the front row, he was someone that missionaries were teaching and he had tattoos all over, piercings, and well basically just not someone you would expect to see at one of these. But he sat front and center and just cried the whole time, it was incredibly. He kept nodding his head and silently clapping his hands! Haha I loved it!!
So that’s the exciting stuff this week.  I hope you are all doing well and just so you know, I like snail mail. Feel free to write me. That’d be great! Thanks!
Much love from the 360.
Sister Falkner :]

1. I was ashamed of the store bought sugar cookies we made for the baptism.

2. Sister Murrieta, Krysta, and Me. at the baptism.

3. I bought these slippers this morning because.... well... because I can, and because they fit. haha. If i get sick of them maybe I will send them home to a lucky kiddo in the fam! haha but I was in a cars mood and they were super cheap, so yupp!  

Krysta's Wedding

Monday, May 13, 2013

May 13th 2013

Hey guys and gals!
Happy Mother’s day to all of you mothers out there!! I hope you had a great day! I got to talk to my family, which was super great!  So I don’t have a whole ton to say today because I talked a lot yesterday. But this week has been great. I went on my first official exchange on fri/sat with Sister Villatoro. She was so great to be around for a day because she is going home this transfer and is a very very hard worker and I just really loved seeing the way she does things. I need as much of that as possible because all of the older sisters are going home soon and then I will be considered one of the old ones, so I have got to make sure I’m doing the best I can and learn from the best while I can! So yeah, that was just great!
We also had interviews with President and Sister Weaver, those are always fun! They are just the sweetest thing!! I love it! We are starting mission firesides this week! All the zones in the surrounding areas of the stake center get to go sing and we have recent converts speak and it is really just a great spiritual experience!! I
I’m sorry if this letter is a little scattered, there is a punk sitting behind me at the library blasting his techno music and dancing and yeah, ya know... just bein a little bit strange. It’s really distracting! But I hope you all have a great week!! Love you all so much!
Love, Sister Falkner!

Monday, May 6, 2013

May 6th 2013

Good day everyone!
It has been bright and sunny here in Washington all week and I am loving it!!! The sunshine brings a greater happiness to the work and we have found some incredible people this week! And we have found some new tan lines as well! It’s pretty exciting stuff!! The three awesome people we talked to this week are…
Sharon, she doesn’t live in my area, let alone my mission, but we planted a huge seed and she committed to read the Book of Mormon and contact missionaries in her area! She was very energetic and fun to talk to, we basically taught all four lessons in one because she had so many questions and she agreed with practically all of it, she only said she didn’t wanna quit drinking! Haha but she was really great and when I was explaining the need for the Book of Mormon to her I was telling her that all the other churches had taken the bible in different ways and made what they wanted out of it and so God waited until a time when we really would need it to give us the Book of Mormon and I told her it was kind of like His reset button to explain things that weren’t as clearly stated in the bible and that people had misunderstood and she just thought that was the coolest thing and yelled to her friend “SANDY, I’m gonna read God’s reset button!!!!” hahah it was really fun! Hopefully she really does contact missionaries in her area :]
Then we met Nichelle, she is 23 years old and she was high as a kite when we met her. We found her at the beginning of our tracting. She told us that if we would jump her bike over a dirt mound that she would read our “bible” in one week, so we told her we would finishing our tracting and come back a little after 7 to jump her bike and discuss the book. She asked that we come back in our jeans because she felt uncomfortable and didn’t want us to get hurt riding a bike in a skirt, so we did. When we got back to her house she was so excited that we actually came back, she was making us dinner and we talked for like 2 hours about the church and she had TONS of questions! She committed to reading the book and she said she would be done with it by the next time we go over (Tuesday) and she would have questions and want to talk about it. So I am really excited to go meet with her again, she is kind of crazy but she is just a curious daughter of God. And I love it! Oh and we didn’t end up jumping the bike, she said she would let us off the hook this time! Haha
We Met Pickello last Sunday and met with him again yesterday, he is on date for the 25 of this month, I’m not sure that that is going to happen because he can only really meet on Sundays as of right now, but we will pray for a miracle. He has a family and as of right now his son is in on the lessons, and he said he would talk to his wife and other kids about sitting in on the future lessons, he really is an awesome guy and shows a real genuine interest in learning more! I’m so excited for him and I hope I can teach his whole family because I really want to teach a family!!!! :]
Okay, I’m sorry this is so long guys, but this week was just great! We also went to the temple this Thursday, it was incredible!!!! With the exception of the temple workers, our ENTIRE session was full time missionaries! It was so incredible! I loved it! I love the spirit that comes through being in the house of the Lord! :]
Belfair is on a big loop road that takes about 3 hours to go around and since the weather is nice, all the Harleys are coming out. We saw over a hundred Harleys in town this Saturday and Sunday, it was crazy!! They have their little hang out restraint in town, it was pretty crazy. Then I saw a crew of Camaros. There were 14 in a row cruising down the highway! It was kinda crazy, took me back to our jeeping trips when everyone would stare at us as they see a trail of jeeps go by! :]
Last night I had the most intense dessert!!! Haha this lady in my ward in known for her “Kit-Kat cake” it’s ALL CHOCOLATE! It was so much! I don’t think I have felt a chocolate overload in a long time, but I did last night! I will show you a picture!  
Well, that’s basically my week in a not so small nutshell, I hope I didn’t bore any of you to tears. I love you all!! Have a great week!
Love always, Sister Falkner :]