Monday, June 24, 2013

June 24th 2013

Good Morning! :]
This week was pretty great with the missionary broadcast and what not! Pretty crazy that they will be giving us all that technology, I'm excited to see how it is going to work out!
We also had mission tour this week. Elder Pieper from the 70 came and taught us how we can be better and well, he just helped bring a little bit more spirit into the mission, so that was great and really helpful! I loved it! Turns out his daughter went to high school with me and we graduated the same year too! Hah, the funny things you find out later on in life! I'm not really sure who she is, but ill check the yearbook when I get home!
The members in this ward are really great, they are starting to help with missionary efforts already and I can tell that the broadcast will do a lot of good in this ward!
So a little bit about the people I am teaching, because hopefully I will stick around long enough to keep you guys updated on people without confusing you.
Mike Murray has been investigating the church for 8 months, he was introduced to the church by the example of a group of 3rd graders in his sons class, he saw that they were outstanding kids and he continued helping out at school activities, when his son got into 6th grade he finally asked one of these “outstanding kids” what church he belonged to and well, now he is learning about it! Mike is making a lot of progress lately and he attended his first baptism last night, so I know he is thinking about it more seriously now! Yay! He has read the Book of Mormon and is currently working on Doctrine and Covenants. He is a way cool single dad that almost went pro in football, he is HUGE!!! I told him we don't know who is going to baptize him because no one in the ward is taller than him! But it will all work out!
Laurie Bennet is a nice older lady that LOVES God. She just drinks up everything we say and is currently wrapping her head around the Book of Mormon. She is in 2 Nephi and loves it, she loves meeting with us and she is currently quitting smoking! She is funny though because she has a crazy schedule full of volunteer work so she is being taught by us (3rd ward) goes to 2nd ward church, and lives in 6th ward boundaries. Thank goodness the church is true everywhere!
Ashley is an 18 yr old girl that lives with her parents and as long as she lives there she cannot be baptized :( she is solid though and wants it so bad! She attended seminary and goes to church when her parents allow, we meet with her all the time and she is so awesome! She wants to go to the temple so badly! I really hope she will be baptized soon, but we know this one could take a while. We introduced her to personal progress on Saturday and my companion and I are going to do it again with her to help her continue progression!
Jacob is on date for July 6th, he is 10 years old and is the daughter of Sarah Chamberlin ( the less active we got to church last week) she is awesome! And she wants both of her kids to be baptized and we haven't met with the daughter (Bella) yet but Jacob wants to be baptized. She is really hoping that his learning about the church will pull him away from his video games because he used to live with his dad and during that time he got addicted to “not 10 yr old boy video games” hah so yeah, he is great!
Those are the ones that we meet with most and are progressing most, so there ya go! I love you all!!

Help the missionaries, not just by feeding them, but by going to teach with them and giving them people to teach! You will be richly blessed for it!
Love, Sister Falkner!

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