Monday, August 26, 2013

August 26th 2013

Hello! This week was really good. We had a baptism yesterday, his name is David, he is a really cute young boy! We have been teaching him for about two months now and he is a hoot! Their family is black, which I wouldn't mention unless I had a reason. Soooo, the reason I mention this is because this was the most “different” baptism I have had yet. They are a fun family and have been less active for a while but they are going back to church now so that's good, but they just don't totally understand the formality of church ordinances so they were clapping after the talks and responding and talking to the people and taking pictures and just lots of funny things, I feel like it's part of the culture or something! But it was fun! This week on Friday and Saturday we had a big fair in town and we went and passed out over 600 ice cold water bottles with cards taped to them and our phone number. It was really cool! We got a really good response from most of the people so that was neat! Everyone loves water, right? We had a few people ask if we had any beer in there and I just laughed at them and told them our bud light was so light it had 0% alcohol :] they would laugh and move on. Haha Sister Young is my new companion, she is really great and a very hard worker so we do well together, I am excited for this transfer. I know we will be able to accomplish a lot. She is a hair stylist and is from Cedar Hills Utah, near alpine. :] That's about all for this week folks! Love you tons! Have a super great week! Alma 26:8 look it up! Love, Sister Falkner

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