Tuesday, September 3, 2013

September 3rd 2013

Hey Everyone! So this week was really good! i went to the foot doctor in Tacoma and found out that I have a stress fracture in my ankle so I have to wear a boot and use crutches (I don't really use them though, I'm just supposed to) my foot should heal in 3-5 weeks and if it does not then there is a risk of me having to go home to recover but that wont happen. Please keep me in your prayers :] the doctors in Salt Lake want me to go home right now but President and Sister Weaver said that we don't need to do that, so I am considering myself lucky to be here! :] So with my foot, I cant go tracting and we are having to rely completely on the members for finding new people to teach, it will be interesting but I am excited and this is a great ward to be in for this! I know they can help us out a lot! :] We got to go on an exchange to Port Angeles on Friday and it was so fun to be back up there with the people I was working with. It is about an hour and a half to get there so we just doubled the area and both stayed up there for the day! I got to see Liz, she is awesome! She was baptized the week after I left PA and she is doing great! She is fully active and much happier and healthier since her baptism! Its awesome!!! :] I also got to see the Vaitkus family, Lindsey is a member and her husband Joey is not. Joey works a lot and was never available while I was there but he did agree to take the lessons when his boat was docked in June/July. But I found out that Lindsey had some issues with her pregnancy and while he was docked they had to spend a lot of time in Seattle at the doctors, so he was unable to get the lessons. BUT while I was there I was really pushing getting them to church and when I went to check up on them Lindsey said that they went to church the week after I left and joey was looking for me! Haha her mom was there helping her with the baby and she said that they had just been talking about me and wondering how I was doing, so that was cool! Joey was asleep but she went and woke him up and we talked about him taking the lessons again and he said he wanted to still but he will be off to sea for a while, but the sisters up there will work with him and I told him I want to be there when he gets baptized and he said that he would make sure I was! So I am excited for him! It was fun to see them again! I have recently acquired a liking for the taste of almonds, something I hated before, so that's cool! That's all the news I got for today! Love you all! Love Sister Falkner.

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