Monday, August 19, 2013

August 19th 2013

Hey Everyone!!! Transfers are tomorrow! I am staying in my current area and both of my companions are leaving me! I am only getting one in return, which is kind of a good thing. Trio's are difficult! My companion as of tomorrow will be Sister Young. I know her a little bit and she is cool! She is a cosmetologist and I can just tell that God is wondering how serious I was when I said I wouldn't dye my hair my whole mission, he is testing me by giving me two cosmetologist companions in a row! Ahhh. It might be difficult, but I can do it! This week we got a new Ward Mission Leader in our ward! He is soooo awesome! He is taking such good care of us and is just on fire about missionary work! This will be his 8th time being a ward mission leader, its almost intimidating because he actually knows what he is doing. All the other ones I have had just go with the flow but he is very pumped and ready to help us in EVERY way he can! Its really awesome and takes a lot of stress off our shoulders! We had Ashley's baptism this week! She is so incredible! She has been posting pictures of facebook, so you have probably seen her! This has been a long time coming for her and I am so happy she got to take this step and she is so happy that she has too! Her baptism was so awesome! She has been attending our ward and seminary since December now! The ward loves her and has always said she was already a part of the ward so her baptism was so big that we actually had to move it to the chapel! She had so much support! She was introduced to the church on a cruise by a return missionary! He is currently working in Portland and was able to drive up to support her in this choice! It was really awesome! I love her so much! That's pretty much it for this week! I love you all! :] feel free to write! Love, Sister Falkner!

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