Tuesday, May 28, 2013

May 28th 2013

Well, it’s been kind of an unpredictable week! After just six weeks in Belfair I guess my work here is done. I am being transferred to Silverdale 3rd ward which is currently an Elders area. I am going in with Sister Farnsworth and we are training together so we will pick up our greenie today in a few hours and head to our new area. It will be kind of hard because none of us will know where anything is, or who anyone is but since the ward has had elders for so long am sure they will just be thrilled to get sisters (most wards are) and take good care of us! Sister Farnsworth came out with me and is currently in my district, she is an awesome missionary. I am way excited to be serving and training with her! It will be a party (of missionary work)
Also, kind of big news… they announced a few months ago that there will be a new leadership role for sister missionaries. This role is what we call an STL (Sister Training Leader) and this transfer is the first transfer that there will be sisters in this leadership position. I got my transfer call on Saturday night from President Weaver (which is weird, because the mission president never makes transfer calls) and he had Sister Farnsworth and I both on the line and informed us that we would be the first STL’s. I am really excited to have this opportunity and I think it will be great, I know I will learn a lot because I will be serving around a lot of missionaries. As part of the role, I will be going on exchanges with the newer missionaries on a weekly basis and reporting back to the president on how they are doing. This all seems so crazy because I still feel like a new missionary but after today the mission will have (I think) 62 sister missionaries and only 6 of them will have been out longer than me! So we really have to step up and learn a lot faster than usual. But it will be really great! I am excited and looking forward to this next transfer and all the adventures that will come along with it :]
My new address is
Sister Alie Falkner
9855 Bushlac Ln. #G204
Silverdale WA 98383

Thank you all for your love and support! Have a great week!!! Love you!!
Love, Sister Alie Falkner

1. The Gig Harbor Zone (sister Farnsworth is the other tall one) haha

2. i was working with a less active in belfair and he made this table in his "garage" its soooo cool so i thought i would show it off for him! 

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