Monday, June 3, 2013

June 3rd 2013

Hello everyone

This week has been awesome!!! I am in Silverdale 3rd ward and I love it here!!! I love my companions, I am in a trio with Sister Farnsworth, and our baby (trainee) Sister Stevens. We work hard, and we have fun! I really love it! We are kept so busy that I haven't even really had time to unpack yet but it's all good because we are doing the Lords work and we keep it pretty clean anyways. It's just sitting in suitcases still. Haha
This ward is so great, we have a lady that makes us lunches every Sunday, Sister Dodge, she puts them in the fridge for us. Also we had a lady supply us with blankets and towels because we didn't have any, and then our ward mission leader and bishop are just super helpful and give us lots of part member families! It is so helpful! :] when we got here we had one investigator and now we have six! I hope they all stay solid! They are awesome though, so I am not worried. The one we had before was Ashley, she is 18 and basically a member minus the water, her parents will not allow her to be baptized because they have read some anti, so that could be a long time coming but she will get there one day! The rest are super awesome. One was a referral from a ward member, she is reading the Book Of Mormon and is already in 2 Nephi so she is doing great and then we are also teaching someone who has a son on a mission, so that is way awesome too!! Lots of good things happening here in Silverdale.
This is a town!! There is an Old Navy across the street from our apartment, if you know me.. you know how dangerous that is. And there is a mall right down the street. So hopefully I don't spend too much money! But it's nice to be in a normal town! Haha
I love my companions, they make me laugh so much! I am really just so happy and I am so grateful for all the support I have, I love you guys! Thank you for everything!
Have an awesome week! I love you!
Love, Sister Falkner

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