Monday, May 20, 2013

May 20th 2013

Hello to the 801
This week was a pretty great week! :] On Tuesday Krysta got married! Krysta had been investigating the church for 14 months now and she finally decided it was time and she committed herself to her husband and her Savior all in one week! The baptism was on Saturday, it went really well. She had her lifelong best friend who is a member speak at her baptism and her parents came down as well, other than that she didn’t really want any one there so it was very small and simple which was nice! Krysta is an awesome woman! She is in her 30’s and just has a whole ton of spunk to her which is always nice! :] she quit smoking and drinking coffee in 5 days, so that was an incredible tender mercy from the Lord. She is just really cool basically. Haha I don’t know what else to say about her other than she is on  fire and I can’t wait to see what she does for the church, her husband is an inactive (but supportive) member and I think she will get him back into it, which would be super awesome!
Then yesterday we had a mission fireside. We have over 100 missionaries and we just sing songs and testify of Christ. I got the chance to bear my testimony which was really cool but kind of nerve racking because LOTS of people show up to these things! It’s crazy!! But it was really just a great night. I felt the spirit bear witness to me and answer questions I have been asking for a while so that was great! There was this really cool guy sitting in the front row, he was someone that missionaries were teaching and he had tattoos all over, piercings, and well basically just not someone you would expect to see at one of these. But he sat front and center and just cried the whole time, it was incredibly. He kept nodding his head and silently clapping his hands! Haha I loved it!!
So that’s the exciting stuff this week.  I hope you are all doing well and just so you know, I like snail mail. Feel free to write me. That’d be great! Thanks!
Much love from the 360.
Sister Falkner :]

1. I was ashamed of the store bought sugar cookies we made for the baptism.

2. Sister Murrieta, Krysta, and Me. at the baptism.

3. I bought these slippers this morning because.... well... because I can, and because they fit. haha. If i get sick of them maybe I will send them home to a lucky kiddo in the fam! haha but I was in a cars mood and they were super cheap, so yupp!  

Krysta's Wedding

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