Monday, June 10, 2013

June 10th 2013

Hello Everyone!
This week has been an interesting one! On Wednesday we went over to an investigator’s house for lunch and a lesson. We were all eating lunch out on her back patio and we went in to get dessert and I had TONS of little tiny baby spiders crawling all over me!!! AHHHH it was so GROSS!!! So my companion is picking all of these nasties off of me and then we went back out to eat our strawberries and I saw this huge web of thousands of little spiders on my chair right about where my shoulder was! Ehhh, so my wonderful companion sister Farnsworth said that she liked to eat her dessert standing up, haha Robin (the investigator) looked at us like we were crazy, but it saved me from getting 1286 more spiders all over me. I was super itchy all day, so that was no fun! But... gotta roll with the punches. My baby, Sister Stevens was freaking out she absolutely hates spiders! So that made it kind of entertaining! :]
Speaking of Sister Stevens, she is gone, she got transferred to Tacoma! So it is just Sister Farnsworth and I, as of Thursday. We are having a blast though! We had zone conference this week, those are always pretty awesome! And then we drove Sister Stevens to Tacoma and met with President Weaver and discussed our responsibilities as an STL, we will basically be going on lots of exchanges! An awesome perk to having this assignment is that next week we are having our mission tour and Paul B. Pieper from the 70 is coming, he has asked us to read the talk “Seek Learning by Faith” by David A. Bednar and find ways we can apply it to our missionary work and help our investigators learn by faith. When he comes to the mission he will be talking with the ZL's DL's and STL's about how we applied it and then he will take what we say, and combine it with his own thoughts and talk to the whole mission about it! So we get to meet with him before and it will be awesome!
The 3 things I am pulling from that talk that will make me a better missionary are
1.    Don’t attract attention to myself (focus on teaching people the gospel, not telling them how cool Sister Falkner is in the normal, not missionary world)
2.    Be a fiber optic cable (Thin strands of glass are used to create the fiber-optic cables through which light signals are transmitted over long distances. Just as the glass in these cables must be pure to conduct the light efficiently and effectively, so we should become and remain worthy conduits through whom the Spirit of the Lord can operate.)
3.    Teach them how to fish! (Help them become spiritually self-reliant, so that they can progress in the gospel all the time, not just when we go to teach them.)
This area has been a little bit more difficult because it is a pretty wealthy area compared to what I have been in before and finding people to teach by way of knocking doors is not very effective… but we are working hard and trying to build up a lot of trust with the ward so that we can get referrals from them!! :]
That which is to give light must endure burning! :]
So that is pretty much my week! I will attach some pictures from last week and this week because I can on this computer! Yay! :]
Love you all!! Have a great week!
Love, Sister Falkner

1 Us after shopping!! 
2 Us going to Zone conference

3 funny street sign.... hah


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