Monday, June 17, 2013

June 17th 2013

Hello everyone!!! :]
Happy belated Fathers Day to all of those Dads that read this!
I had a pretty good Fathers Day. I was thinking a lot of people were probably having a steak and potato dinner and then we went to our dinner appointment, and WaBam!!! steak and potatoes! :] Mmmm it was so yummy!!! and then we got cheesecake for dessert! Super yummy! This ward feeds us soooo much!!! my companion and I are gaining weight by the day! So we decided that for every letter we got via snail mail, we will run a mile! So if you love me and want me to stay skinny?! Snail Mail!!! ;] we had dinner at the Griffith's, they are an awesome family! Both return missionaries and so generous!! Sis Griffith's makes homemade bread every week for the sacrament! How cool is that? And she gave us 4 loaves! It is so yummy!!! we are enjoying it! She also made us T-shirts! That was super cool! This ward just loves and treats the missionaries well! Its really great! We are working really hard at getting to know them better so that we can build up trust and begin teaching their friends! I hope it works! So far, so good!

So, we have the big missionary broadcast this Sunday! Its going to be a historical moment, I know it! My predictions are as follows! :]
1.      CHINA opened up to missionaries ( Jason, they are coming for you!!!!! ;] )
2.      Sisters can extend to 2 years.
3.      And members will be on a higher obligation to help the missionaries. Maybe more missionary related callings?
Who knows! But those are my thoughts and I am sooo excited to hear what President Monson has to say!!! :]
Something super cool that happened this week... We got a less active to church. Yay.... haha.. less active work is not my favorite because that is the job of the members, butttt this one paid of! And I knew it would, so I was willing to do that! We visited Sara Chamberlin before church, we had tried to meet up with her like 10 times and she was never home but we finally caught her at home and we talked for a while, she said she couldn't go to the temple because she had an issue with tithing, and then she just starting crying and saying how much she wants her kids to be taught and baptized, they are 8 and 10! she said Sundays are her only day to clean and that was why she hadnt been to church in a while so we told her we would do all her dishes and clean her kitchen while she got ready for church! She followed us to church and it was so great! I felt like it was just meant for her! She was so happy and felt so good! Then we went to relief society and the lesson was on tithing!!!! what??? I was kind of nervous at first but the lesson was REALLY good and a lot of the sisters bore testimony of the blessings of tithing, at the end of the lesson she leaned over to us and said “where can I find the tithing slips?” it was so awesome, the ward now has a lot more respect for us because we actually got someone to church and now we can start teaching her children! It was just great!
That's all for now! Love you tons!!!! :]
Love Sister Falkner!!

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