Monday, April 29, 2013

April 29th 2013

Hey folks!!
So this week was pretty good! Belfair is a very different kind of area than Port Angeles. In terms of square footage, I am over the largest ward in Washington! And let me tell you, it is big!
So this week we got a really cool investigator, he is pretty solid and a way cool guy, only problem is… by law he can’t be in the church… DANGIT!!! He has a restraining order from a guy that lives within 500 ft. of the church, so he simply can’t go. Bummer huh? We are going to try to figure something out for him though because he is way cool!
This week something pretty funny happened. We were taking our lunch break and wanted to go for a walk on the beach outside our town home so we did, and I was trying to get to a dry(er) part of the sand because it was pretty mucky where we were so I thought running and jumping would be a good idea, turned out I was wrong and I landed and sunk… hahah the beach tried to eat up my shoes but I dug them out and got back to land safely! Haha it was pretty funny though, I will attach pictures, I got a really funny video but I think it’s too big to attach so I will send it home to my mom and then maybe she can email it out or something because it’s pretty funny! My companion thinks i'm a nut job, but that’s alright!
So, exciting news, I get to go to the temple this week!!!!!!! :D I am so dang excited. It’s been a while! We are going with two or three other zones in the mission and over the span of 3 days the whole mission gets to go! So that is really fun! I get to go on Thursday!
That’s pretty much all I can think of to tell you this week! So I hope you all have a great week and I love you all!
Love, Sister Alie Falkner

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