Monday, September 16, 2013

September 16th 2013

Hey everyone! This week was incredible! I love being a missionary! So yesterday at church we had a family that came with the Johnson's, they stayed for all three hours of church and they want to learn more, so we are really excited about that and beginning to teach them! It will be great! We also had another girl there for her first time, she came with her friend Madi, her name is Taylor and she is 16 and loved church, she is going to the young woman's activity this week and just really likes all the girls in the ward and the organization of the church, so we will probably start teaching her soon too! The Johnson's fed us dinner on Thursday and we had a family with 2 unbaptized daughters come, we were able to teach them and they invited the families home teachers over so that they could get to know one another better, it went really well, then we made a cake for a recent converts birthday and while we were decorating it we found out that sister Johnson is the visiting teacher for the family we were making the cake for, so she was able to deliver it with is and meet the family. She said she was having a really hard time meeting them and we were able to help her with that, so it was great! Then on Saturday there was a baptism in a different ward and we took Cindy to it so she would feel more comfortable for her own baptism, Cindy cant drive so we had a member drive us all there and then she also drove us to our dinner appointment after where we had the Chamberlin's (recent converts) and their Home teachers and us and Cindy and the Powell's, the ones feeding us. It was a big group but it was really great to have that much fellowship for Cindy and the Chamberlin's! We also were able to teach the commandments to Cindy to help her prepare for her baptism! The lesson went so well and we had lots of good imput from the members there! I loved it! I hope that all makes sense! Haha the ward is getting really involved in the work and helps us out so much! I love it! I love this ward! Transfers are at the end of the month and I am kind of hoping to stay another transfer, but who knows! STL's only stay in the position for a few transfers and I have already had 3 so I am pretty sure I will get pulled out soon enough. We also went to Zions camp this week which is a church run camp with a ropes course and what not so we went with all the zone leaders and other STL's and we tested the course and yada yada, I did it all with my foot, so I'm pretty sure everyone can do it, the whole mission is going back later this week and we will be running it and making sure everyone is safe! Its really fun! We had a blast! We have Cindy's baptism this Sunday and she is so awesome! I love her so much! We asked her what led her to asking for a ride to church from a member in the ward, she said she doesn't really know and that God just kind of put the words into her mouth! Haha then we talked for a bit and she explained that she told God she wanted to go back to church but that she would need some guidance and help and she said, he just guided me right to where I'm at and its all been relatively easy since then. It was so fun to talk with her about it and to know that God really did answer her prayers! I love Cindy so much! We may have another baptism this week too, it will be Jacob Pickard, we have been working with him for a little over a week now but he wants it and is ready, so if we can finish the lessons, he will join Cindy on Sunday, if not then we will continue to teach him and plan for next Saturday! I am doing well, my foot is feeling better and I am happy as can be! :] I love you all! Love, Sister Falkner!

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