Monday, September 9, 2013

September 9th 2013

Hello everyone! This week was a good one! We had stake conference, and zone conference! Zone conference was really good, Sister Young and I did a training on how to plan effectively and use time wisely, it went really well! At stake conference in the Adult session it was really interesting, they had a non member speak! Haha he talked about his experiences with going to girls camp and cooking for all of the girls! It was pretty cool, then for the Sunday part of it we had a broadcast from SLC. It was really cool and they talked about a lot of good stuff! One of my favorite was L.Tom Perry said something about how we need to let our spirits control our bodies, I really liked the image of that and how we sometimes just let our bodies take over and our spirits have no choice but to follow, but if we are really doing the will of the Father of our spirits, we can and will let our spirit guide us because our spirit has to be much more in tune with the Holy Spirit than our body is. Such a simple concept, yet it is so often ignored. I know I am very guilty of it! So that's my thought for you today, I hope it makes sense. This week we had some awesome things happen! Last Sunday Cindy (a former investigator) came to church with her friend Sherry. She really enjoyed it and we set up a time to meet up again, we met and taught the first lesson and she is on date to be baptized on September 21st :] we have met with her again since and she is still preparing for that day and is really excited! So its awesome! We also had another miracle, our ward mission leader Brother Laing was at Home Depot with his son Mason and they ran into someone in our ward that has been working on coming back to church, she has a son that is the same age as Mason (9) and Mason mentioned something about being baptized and found that his friend Jacob was not baptized, so he exclaimed that Jacob needed that and now Jacob wants to be baptized so we will begin teaching him tomorrow! It will be awesome! We are being so blessed, especially since we cant go out knocking on doors. I hope you all are doing well this week and loving life! Much love, Sister Falkner

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