Monday, February 4, 2013

Monday, February 4th, 2013 - Contention Begins on the Plane

Hello Family and Friends!!!
So I have made it to my first p-day in the field!! yay!!
I saw Natali in the MTC, she served me my food on Sunday! It was really good to see her!
Tuesday morning we left the MTC at 5am and headed to the Airport, there I got to talk to mom for a bit, that was really nice!! On the plane we had a little bit of contention. One of the sisters in my district, Sis. Hall was teaching the girl next to her and they were having a really great conversation concerning religion until the guy in front of her turned around and started whining because he felt offended. Then people started standing up for her saying she had the freedom of speech and could talk about religion if she wanted to and it became this big boiled argument until the pilot came back (we hadn't even taken off yet) and said that the guy could either deal with it or switch seats, but he refused to switch seats and kept complaining, so someone gave him a pair of headphones and he simmered down and fell asleep. It was pretty crazy though for my first real world experience after being hidden under the MTC bubble for three weeks.
I am serving in the Port Angeles area, it is in the top part of WA, I can see Canada!!! It's really cool! If I look to the north, I see the ocean and Canada and if I look to the south, I see the mountains!! :] It is really beautiful here!! My area is kind of Ghetto though, knocking doors can be a little bit sketchy. Regardless, we knock doors for at least two hours a day! It's honestly my favorite part of the day though, it's kind of cool to see how people reject our message or to lie to us, or try to argue with us. But the best is when they reject what we have to say but by the time we leave the doorstep we have taught the first lesson and they are committed to reading the Book Of Mormon, its the best feeling!!
To any of you that know me even a little bit, you know I am a ridiculously picky eater!! haha You would all be impressed at the foods I have been eating. We had dinner at an investigators house, her name is Tu and her husband is Mika, they are VERY by the earth kind of people and of all the things to have for dinner she made a vegetable casserole.... hahah but I ate it, I didn't like it but I ate it. She fed us dessert first and I told her I was pretty picky and that she should let me try it before she told me what was in it. It was a crust with bananas and whipped cream (so i thought) so I tried it, and it was kinda strange but tasty enough to eat, and then she told me the crust was made of beats and pecans, and the whipped topping was made of coconut milk!! Ahhh, so weird! it was alright though.
I have had a really good week here, we teach about 3-5 lessons a day and go knocking. My companion is Sis. Holman, we have our differences but she is really cool and has helped me a lot! One of the guys we are teaching is all ready for baptism, but it will take a while because he is trying to find a place for his girlfriend to live because he has to kick her out before he can be baptized. It was so cool to teach him the Law of Chastity though because he is so committed to it, when we were talking about his girlfriend moving out he said "Yeah, that's not a problem I will get her out, I won't let her rob me of this opportunity." IT WAS SO AWESOME!!!
Everyone here has CATS!! AHH, it is the worst, I am so allergic to them and the only thing I had to take for it was a PM pill, so I took it because I was reacting pretty badly, and well... it was a long day, I was sooo tired!! But I will pick something up today!
That's all for this week folks.
I love you all!!
Love, Sister Falkner! :]

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