Monday, February 11, 2013

February 11th, 2013

Hello Everybody!!!
Things here in the WA-TAC are good. For you twilight fans, yes I am in Port Angeles. I drive past the book store and the restaurant that they went to in the first movie all the time. It’s funny because the hotel signs here say welcome twilight fans. Hahah it’s just a book store and a restaurant.. But some people are funny I guess.
This week was good, on P-day (last Monday) we went to the Bunkers in Port Townsen, they are these huge cement rooms and like secret tunnels right on the coast and they were used by the coast guard in WW2, so they are pretty creepy but it was fun, we played a big game of capture the flag with our zone and it was a good time, it looks just like call of duty or something. I will send pictures later.
The rest of my week has been pretty average, just lots of knocking doors and what not. I taught myself how to French braid my hair this week, that was kind of fun. We found a potential investigator family, which is always exciting. Hopefully things progress there. On Thursday this week we went to an investigator's home, Tawnya and Gunner. They are a funny old couple and Tawnya is VERY opinionated and she doesn't really seem to like me because well… so am I. Haha we kind of knocked noggins for a bit so that was rough, but I’m sure it will only get better :] I just hope we baptize her before my companion leaves because I don’t think she would continue progressing without Sis. Holman, she loves my companion. My companion is leaving in 3 weeks, so it has been kind of rough. We are on totally different ends of the mission and its weird, and she talks about home a lot!!!! I don’t blame her, but it gets me thinking about home more than I probably should be so I continually pray to be focused and dedicated to the mission but I do miss all of you and I love you dearly! Thank you for the support! :]
Yesterday we drove down here to Tacoma for a fireside. It is a fireside that just the missionaries put on and we sing and bear testimony. It was really cool because we had so much power in the songs with having so many missionaries singing. I don’t even really like singing and choir like stuff, but it was really cool and the spirit was so strong! We spend the night here in Tacoma and this morning I had to go to the mission office and take a defensive driving course so that I could get permission to drive the mission car, it’s a good thing we had planned to have me take that class while we were down here because on the way here my companion got pulled over and she got her blue card (permission to drive) taken away this morning. So I have to drive the rest of the transfer!! Pray I don’t have the urge to speed ;] then we would be in big trouble. The best part about all of this is, I don’t have to back her every time we leave somewhere now!! Haha every time I backed her out of a parking spot I could just see dad laughing at me. So no more of that for me this transfer! :] YAY!
Well I love you all, feel free to send me mail! :] its really good to hear from all of you.

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