Monday, June 30, 2014

Short and Sweet!

June 16th 2014
Hello my friends and family!

This week was a good week, it was kind of slow but that was just because I got sick... im still kind of sick, but it was the worst on Tuesday and Wednesday so that slowed us down a little, but we are still pushing along and I should be better soon!

So, last week I told you I would tell you about DJ. He is going to be marrying a girl in the church and wants to be baptized before they get married! We met with him this week and taught him about the restoration of the gospel and he liked it, we can’t meet with him for 2 weeks due to his busy schedule but we have an appointment and he still wants to learn and be baptized! So hopefully that works out well!

We also met with a great guy this week! His name is Russ! We tracted into Russ last week and taught him a bit about the Book of Mormon and he was interested in learning more! So we went back this week and taught the restoration, it went so well and he really enjoyed meeting with us! Russ is such a great guy! He is very sincere and kind! We took our ward mission leader and his wife who happen to live down the street from Russ! When we got there he was really relieved that we brought someone because he said he was concerned about us coming and just us being there! He said he was just planning to visit with us on the porch but then it started pouring rain so we was racking his brain on how he could meet with us and not feel weird about it at the same time! It was just really neat to see that he cared about things like that! We won’t be meeting with him this week because he has his sons for the week, but we will meet with him again next week! Sorry, I’m keeping it short this week!

I love you!

Love, Sister Falkner!
1. this is a picture of a drive we took this week, we were checking up on a less active! This is something you only see driving up the mountains in Utah, but its a normal drive here in Rochester! I love how beautiful it is here in the summers!!!

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