Monday, June 30, 2014

538 Jeeps...Yeah, Heavenly Father Loves Me!

June 23rd 2014

Hello to my loved ones!

So, to explain my subject line... while Sister Wilkinson and I were tractingone day we saw a train go by and the train was packed full of pretty brand new jeeps!! I watched in awe, knowing that God gives me little worldly blessings sometimes because He just wants me to know that He is aware of me and loves me! BUT!!! As if that wasn't enough... Yesterday as we were driving home from church there was traffic ahead and this confused us because there is NEVER traffic in Rochester, it’s a one stop light town... as we continued to drive I saw 3 jeeps in a row and I pointed them out to sister Wilkinson and she was on the other side of the car so she could see that there were many more to come! As we kept driving down HWY 12 they just kept going. We pulled over and decided to go and talk with some people seeing as there are never that many people in Rochester at one time! so we did and we got to talk with a few people and found out there was a funeral for a young boy (17yrs old) that loved jeeps so his parents asked on FB for any jeep drivers in the area to line the road as they drove in the casket for the funeral! It was really neat to see all the jeeps and that they would support something like that! And it was a blessing to me to have a little piece of home right there with me! There were 138 jeeps from all over Washington that showed up! Looks like Dennis was a week late! He could have been there too! ;]

ANYWAYS! On a less worldly note...

I went on an exchange this week, it was fun, I got to go to Elma with Sister Johnston and we had a good time! I got a bit sunburned so I guess I match the rest of the family this week since they all went to bear lake and got some sun also!

We have met with a lot of our investigators this week and they are all doing really good! Brigida and her family are doing to great! They all came to church this week and are preparing to be baptized this week, we will actually ask them to push it back a week because their fellowship will be out of town, but they are excited none the less! :]

Last night we had the last missionary fireside! It was in Olympia and we got to go, it was really fun and so special for all that were involved! The Weavers go home this week so it was a tender night for us and them!

I think I mentioned it a few weeks ago, but we have been trying really hard as a mission to have members at our lessons and we have had the goal of having 500 lessons with a member present for at least 6 months now and the closest we got to reaching that goal was 497. We really emphasized it this week and were determined to get it for the Weavers last full week in the mission and last night they had us all get on a conference call to tell us that we had 696 lessons with a member present this week! It was such an incredible thing to be able to see the mission work hard for the goal and to pretty much blow it out of the water! It was so great!!!! President Blatterlands on Thursday and he will be the new mission president from then on! I am excited to see what the mission has in store! I love you all!

Love, Sister Falkner!

1. Exchange day! Sisters Stucki, Wilkinson, Me, and Johnston.

2. All the beautiful jeeps!! :] some more beautiful than others!

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