Monday, March 18, 2013

March 18th 2013

Hello Everyone.
This week was good, I had Corn Beef for dinner last night, never had that before, I guess it’s an Irish thing… it was not my favorite, but I choked some down anyways! Something that made me laugh this week was while we were out tracting we came up to this house that REAKED of Marijuana, and we thought for sure some punk teenager would answer the door so we waited and when the door opened, it was this old lady that had her name tag and employee of the month badge from JOANNS!! Hahaha she was not interested and my companion and I held our laughter until we got off her property, but it cracked me up!!! Haha but I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised, lots and lots of people smoke here, it’s kind of ridiculous! This week we also helped two people move, Friday and Saturday this wouldn’t be a big deal except for the fact that they both had cats and there was cat hair everywhere!!!! I am still sneezing because of it. Oh well, it was good to help them, I just got super itchy and red. No biggie!
One frustrating thing that happened this week was when we were in a lesson with Riley, he has been going to church for 5 months but hasn’t been baptized because he hasn’t felt ready yet, so we met with him Sunday and it was awesome, the spirit was there and he looked us in the eye and told us that he was ready to be baptized so we put him on date for this weekend AND THEN… his fellowship butt in and said that he doesn’t think Riley is ready, he thinks Riley needs to hear the lessons again. (Riley has been taught each lesson 3 times) Because he was in an accident that caused a major head injury, his fellowship seems to think that he needs to learn everything multiple times, we tried to explain that Riley will continue learning for the rest of his life and that he is ready for baptism, but it wasn’t happening, we will meet with him again tomorrow and hopefully everything will go a little better than last time.
A really great thing that happened this week was at our Zone Meeting, President Basden (the stake president) came and spoke with us about how this mission is not ours, We are on the Lords time and this mission is His, it is His work and when we return home and are done, then we can call it our mission, but if we serve a honorable mission, we can call it Our Legacy!!! It was really cool, and very inspiring! It helped me a lot throughout the week! That’s about all for this week! Have a great week! I love you all!
Love, Sister Falkner
The Picture is a Happy St. Patricks Day picture from Sister Richman and I :]

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