Monday, March 11, 2013

March 11th, 2013

This week was SO GREAT!!!! Three things happened this week.
1. We got 5 new investigators, so that’s just always really good! :]
2. We had the awesome opportunity to go to the Port Angeles High School and teach all six class periods of World Religion, so we taught a 15 minute restoration lesson and then opened up for questions. We taught like 200 hundred 17-18 yr. olds in six hours!!! It was soooo cool!!! They asked a lot of funny questions like about polygamy and our “magic underwear” and heaven and hell and what we believe our purpose of life is, so that was pretty fun stuff, it was just a great opportunity! I don’t know how many times I can say that! I loved it!! One thing I pondered a lot after that experience was, how would I have felt if when I was in high school the missionaries came to teach all my peers about my beliefs? I would be so nervous! Some missionaries are weirdos and I would have been pretty nervous as to how they would make our religion sound, but being the missionary, it was awesome and I did my best to make us look like normal people, we told them a little bit about ourselves and did everything we could to make those students that were LDS feel comfortable and confident with us being there, I think it went really well because a lot of them came and talked to us and thanked us after for clearing up a lot of questions that they would get asked and not know how to answer! So yay for that! :]
3. We had a woman’s conference with Sheri Dew, I had no idea who she was until Saturday so I will tell you who she is. She was the General Relief Society President 12 years ago and when she got released she was made CEO of Deseret Book. She also wrote a few biographies on some of the prophets, so she is just really intelligent and successful. She spoke to us for about 2 hours, we took a lunch break and then she spoke with us again for another hour or so. All of our sister missionaries were there and she came and shook our hands and then when she was talking she had all of us go up on the stand (over 50 of us) and talked about how it takes the elect to gather the elect and that we need to be fearless woman in building Zion! It was so incredible! She talked a lot about the role of woman in the church and how much we can benefit from the priesthood without having it and how it is still a huge gift and blessing for us. She said so much that was awesome I wish I could tell you all of it, but I don’t have time. I took good notes though, so don’t worry! :] hahah
That was my week, it was so great! God is real, He loves all of us!
I love you!!
Love, Sister Falkner! 

La Push Beach, WA-TAC in the sand!

"Killing" (sending home) Sister Holman
My new Companion Sister Richman!  

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