Monday, March 4, 2013

March 4th 2013

This week has been good. Transfer calls were on Saturday, my companion goes home this transfer so I will be getting a new companion. Her name is Sister Richman, I will meet her tomorrow and I am staying in Port Angeles! So that’s the big news I guess! We had stake conference this week, it was really good. They had it at the high school auditorium so that everyone could fit in there, people travel for hours just for stake conference it’s very different from ours back home. But it was a really good meeting! We had an investigator there and he liked it, so that was good! He came to both the general session and the adult session! His name is Riley and he should be getting baptized soon, so that’s great!

Something strange that I ate this week that I normally wouldn’t was Thai food, we had pod Thai and green curry for dinner last night. As you can imagine I was scared out of my mind!!!!!! But I tried them both and the pod Thai was definitely not my kind of food but the green curry was pretty good. So I at least filled up on a little of that and some rice!!

This week my God is real moment was as we were tracting Friday night, we had a dinner that was on the other side of town and we were in a dark sketchy area so we were hurrying back to the car to go to dinner that we were already going to be late for but I felt impressed that we should knock one more door, and I was staring right at it, I asked my companion if she was up for one more door and she said yeah, so we went to this house and that is where I met Jeremiah, he has a family and invited us to go back on Saturday! I know it’s no crazy miracle, but I do know that God is preparing him and his family to receive the blessings that this gospel has to bring and I can’t wait to see how it unfolds! :]

Today I am in Forks, so that’s why my email is a little shorter than usual, we are heading out to Neah bay and La push soon! So that will be good, I’ve heard they are both super beautiful, I’m really excited! Washington is such a beautiful state!!! I love it here!!!

I love you, thank you for the letters and support! You guys are the best!!!

Love, Sister Falkner!! :]

Taught herself to french braid her own hair
In front of the Forks sign

Sister Chronister, Sister Falkner, Sister Crosby, and Sister Holman

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