Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Some See Ya Laters

Alie had a chance to say goodbye, for the next 18 months. Family gathered at her house the night before she left.
Alie, with her brother Ben's family. Alie, Sidnee (3), Fisher (11 months), Ben, Kim, Libby (8), and Teancum (5) 

Libby has looked up to her Aunt Alie from the day she was born.  Libby is looking forward to writing a lot of letters to Sister Falkner. 

Alie's brother, Ian and his wife, Melissa with Alie 

Teancum doing a tackle hug for his Aunt Alie 

Goodbye to her brother, Ben 

 Alie's sister-Mindy, mom-Sid, brother-Ian, and dad-Mark 

 Alie with her sister, Brittany and brother-in-law, Niel. Their four boys were at home in Ephraim.

Alie with her sister Mindy's family.  Alie, Alivia (10 months), Mindy, and Greg
En route to the MTC, Alie made a detour to say goodbye to her brother Sam and his family in Eagle Mountain.
Alie with Ammon (1 week) and Gracie (4)

Ammon and Lyndsey 

Alie, Gracie, Lyndsey, Ammon, and Alie's oldest brother, Sam.  Their two oldest girls were at school. 

Ammon's goodbye wave

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