Wednesday, January 23, 2013

January 23rd 2013 - These Fire Alarms...

Hello friends and family!!!!
Just so you all know, I am doing great and I am loving it here at the MTC, but I cant wait to get to Washington! It will be awesome!!!!! A big thanks to those that wrote me! I love getting stuff from the little kiddos, all of their drawings are so cute! Mom, I will have you know that the skirt you made me is a huge hit!! I can't wear it without getting some sort of conversation going about how adorable it is, so thanks mom!! You're the best!!
I'm basically really tired all the time, you never catch up on sleep here, I am hoping to get a nap today though, it is much needed. As usual we went to the temple this morning and it was really cold but super amazing, my heart is full from all the wonderful blessings my Heavenly Father gives me! :] I'm getting fat, they feed me soooo much here and then you people send me treats that are just to good to not eat and my roomie Sis. Casey gets home made goodies from her family in Hawaii at least once a day, today she got a chocolate pie! hahah
I am learning a ton here and doing lots of role playing (not my fave, but very helpful) Sunday we had a fireside with the new MTC presidency, did I tell you about that last time? Well, we got a new MTC presidency. Brother and Sister Nally, they seem like really sweet people and they will do great! The Sunday fireside was introducing them and having them talk to us for a while, it was a good one! He talked about serving the mission with no regrets, so that's the plan, well it already was... But I refuse to regret any part of the next 18 months of my life, it will be incredible.
Tuesday we had a devotional and David Evans from the 70 came and spoke to us about faith and miracles in missionary work. It was really powerful, I hope I can have enough faith to help those in need, I've got some work to do because God works by power and responds to faith, so basically.. Faith is a real life super power!!!! Pretty cool huh?
This week the dang fire alarm went off again!!!!! This time it was right when I got my lunch, so I had to set it down and go out into the cold, it was freeeeezing!!!! I wasn't too happy about that, they need to work on the system they got going on here.
Two elders in my gym time got all up in my face about my companion and I in volleyball, they are just poor sports and it was dumb because we don't even keep score or anything so they shouldn't be throwing fits... whatever, I am doing my very best to be Christ like and kind to them when I see them and one cracked a smile at me yesterday, so maybe its working. :] hah
It's pretty cool being in the Lords hands, I haven't really gotten sick yet and its freezing cold, I'm way surprised, but I keep taking my vitamins and holding up my end of the deal and God has kept me healthy and well, its pretty awesome!!!
Well I think that's just about all I have to say today.
Write me, letters are always fun to get :]
I get to Washington on Tuesday the 29th pretty early in the morning. so if you are sending mail to the MTC, don't send it after Saturday.
Thanks, Alie

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