Tuesday, November 12, 2013

November 12th 2013: A week of goodbye's always welcomes a week of hello's

Happy late Veterans Day my friends!! November 12th 2013 If you couldn't guess by the title, I am leaving Silverdale. After 6 short months here, my time is up. I am heading down to Olympia 4th ward today and I am very excited! It has been a little bit difficult saying goodbye to all those I have grown to love here, but I know that our friendships are eternal, so its okay!!! My next companion will be Sister Palmer, I don't know anything about her except that she has been out for 6 weeks and I will doing her follow-up training. It will be fun to have a companion that still feels the newness of everything! I am really excited!!! We had a leadership meeting this week and the mission made some changes, its really interesting and I don't know if any of you even care, but its sometimes fun to see how different missions run things so here are the new rules of our mission. We used to be able to eat dinner at either 4 or 7 and we would have to knock on doors from 5-7 everyday but we have made a new rule that dinners have to be at 4 everyday so that we have more time to schedule evening appointments! Its hard on the members, but I know it will really help the missionaries with scheduling :] it will be good, another change that was made is a little harder for me to get used to but I will gain a testimony of it soon I'm sure! We are no longer allowed to play sports with the elders on p-day. We can have a lunch with all the zone once per transfer and play a sport once per transfer but the only sport we can all play together is volleyball, fine by me :] but the hard part is that all the other p-days we have to spend all our time with the sisters and I feel like I will get a lot less exercise.. oh well. It will be good and keep things the way they should be!:] We also are only supposed to teach with the scriptures from here on out. No more tricks or visuals or gimmicks, analogies or anything. It will be a little tricky but it will bring the spirit so much quicker! It will all be good! Change is good! Here is Silverdale this week we had some great things happen. First off, Cindy got a calling! She is a relief society representative! We are really excited for her she is doing so great!!! Peggy is doing super great as well. She is still learning and praying about the gospel, but she is awesome! She is coming to the ward chili cook off and bringing her famous chili! Its awesome! Allison came to church this week and after Sunday school she turned around to us and told us she wants to be baptized before she moves away to Massachusetts, (she moves this Saturday) haha so she will probably be baptized this Friday! I am going to be sad to miss it, but she will be awesome and I am so happy for her!! My funny story for the week. I went to say goodbye to my dear friend Robin Plyler, I love her so much. She has a son on a mission and is learning about the church! She celebrated my birthday with me and this week we celebrated her birthday with her! She is a doll! We said our goodbyes and asked her to say the closing prayer and she doesn't like to pray in front of people, but I love it when she does because they are always unique and from the heart! This time she was kind of funny, if that's okay to say about a prayer? Hah she said “thank you for putting Sister Falkner in my lives...... (long pause) I mean life... (long pause) I'm not a cat, I don't have 9 lives....(long pause with a few escapes of laughter) Meow....” Robin is so fun and her prayers are so funny! She just speaks whats on her mind and what is in her heart, I love it so much! I love you all and I hope to hear from you at my new address which is 320 Israel Rd SW Tumwater WA 98501 Love always, Sister Falkner!

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