Monday, October 7, 2013

Back On Two Feet! :] October 7th 2013

Hello everyone!!!! I went to the doctor this week and my ankle is healed! Yay!!!! :] its great to walk around like a normal person! I love it! I cant run or jump or anything, but I can walk and tract, so its good! So this week we met a really awesome guy named Gary, he was not interested at first but he just said that because he didn't know how much our message could bless his life, we talked to him for a while and he was very receptive but still not super interested. He loves the Lord and goes to church already, but he admitted to us that he was struggling with overcoming alcoholism. At this point we had asked him to read and pray about the Book of Mormon twice and he said no both times. I felt like we couldn't give up on him yet though, so I shared a scripture with him (Alma 17: 2-3) and promised him that if he studied the Book of Mormon with the Bible that he would be able to gain the spiritual strength to overcome his addiction, at the end of my promise I asked him again if he would read and pray about the Book of Mormon, and he excitedly looked me in the eye and said “ABSOLUTELY” it was really great to see the spirit touch him and see his heart changed, I am excited to begin teaching him! GENERAL CONFERENCE!!!!!!! Ahhhhhh. What a marvelous weekend! Its like Christmas as a missionary! I loved it so much! Sister Young and I had a goal of watching conference in 4 different homes, one for each session, and to have someone we are working with in each home. We don't have a lot of people we are teaching right now because they are all recent converts now, but it was great because we accomplished our goal. We watched the 1st session at the Hatch home with Ashley and Cindy, it went really well, we had some yummy homemade cinnamon rolls. Sister Hatch is the Relief Society president and she makes everything handmade and its all so yummy! I love that family! The 2nd session was at Sarah Chamberlin's home she is working on coming back to church and she is just really awesome, her husband is not a member but we are hoping to start working with them as a family real soon! The 3rd was with the Johnson's and a less active Jessica Furby was there the Johnson's are awesome, they had two nonmembers at the 4th session but we weren't able to stay for that one. And 4th we watched it at the Bohl's and we are working with her daughter Megan Bohls she is really great and has such a strong testimony and desire to come back to the church. It was so awesome to watch is so many different environments but to see how each session was such an answer to these peoples prayers! I loved it so much! Some of my favorite things that were said are... God is perfect, His doctrine is pure. But he works through imperfect people. -Uchtdorf The world has enough woman of fame and fortune, we need woman of faith! -Christopherson Opposition in all things is not a flaw of God's Plan of Salvation. -Dyches Patiently enduring is part of our mortal existence. -Holland Joy is guaranteed to the Faithful. -Eyring There is not ONE of us that He has not desired to save. -Eyring Mans law cannot make moral what is immoral in God's laws. -Oaks You must become the rock the river cannot wash away. And of course the one everyone remembers... Doubt your doubt before you doubt your faith. -Uchtdorf. Take these things into your life and apply them!!! I love you all! Have a blessed week! Love, Sister Alie Falkner!

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